EVIOS One Charge Point

EVIOS One Charge Point

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Cable Length
  • Up to 7kW on single phase // 22 kW on three phase
  • Three different modes to fully control your charging preferences
  • Large colour screen showing speed, miles added and cost information
  • Tethered cable available in 5m or 7.5m lengths
  • Solar compatible
  • Intelligent energy tariff integration
  • PIN code function for added security and multi-user access

Choose the charging mode that suits your needs

Pure Speed

Your EVIOS One will charge your EV at the fastest speed possible, meaning you can get back on your way in no time, with no delays.

Pure Green

By using renewable energy from solar panels or other home renewables, your vehicle will be charged as sustainably as possible.

Pure Value

By cleverly connecting with your energy tariff, EVIOS will identify the lowest cost charging for you. It’ll also take any renewable sources into account.

Smart & simple

We've combined leading technology with really easy-to-use features to create a market leading product.

Integrate with solar

Have solar panels or other renewable sources at home? EVIOS connects to your devices and allows you to monitor your entire home energy use through the eco-system view.

Share Your Charge Point With Friends And Family

By creating a pin code on your charge point, you can view individual history and insights and download reports based on who has charged.

Plug and charge with no need for an extra cable

The EVIOS One comes with an easy-to-use 5 metre cable that means you can get started as quickly as possible with no extra cable needed. You can also upgrade to 7 metre cable for just £50.

Easy Installation

Find an installer that is local to you using our easy-to-use EVIOS installer map below.

Control multiple charge points from one account

If you have multiple charge points, you can easily switch between them and receive live insights without the need for separate accounts.


EVIOS One offers PIN code access - this allows you to control who has access to your unit, or even set up a separate account if you need to track energy going to different users. PIN code access is easier than a physical key as it can’t get lost and is also easier to share with visitors if you’re not at home.

No, EVIOS One is only available as a tethered unit.  This is compatible with all vehicles with a Type 2 connector, and means you have no need to buy a separate cable.

EVIOS One comes with a smart hub that requires a wired connection to your WiFi router.

EVIOS One is one of the smartest units on the market, able to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of energy tariffs as well as any home energy production you might have at your property.  However, it’s also designed to do all this with the minimum fuss and hassle to you.  You’ll be able to book an installation slot to suit you, and our amazing dedicated engineers will be on hand to make sure your installation progresses smoothly and answer any questions you might have.  Initial setup of the unit is super-simple, after that it’ll automatically handle your charging needs.  All the information about the energy that’s gone into your EV will be at your fingertips if you want it, and our easy-to-navigate modes mean you’re always in control if your plans change.