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We want to make Electric Vehicle charging as simple and smart as possible.
Evios create truly intuitive products that allow EV drivers to take total control of charging at home and work, setting a new benchmark in home charging.


Charge your car up to three times faster than using a regular 3 pin plug


We're proud to be the smartest charge point around, with three intelligent modes

Easy to use

With a large colour screen and intuitive app, our users don't need lengthy manuals

Solar integrated

Benefit from totally renewable charging if you have solar panels installed at home

Multi User

By entering a PIN code, EVIOS cleverly allocates your charging to specific users

Multi Location

Perfect for those that want to charge from different homes or workplaces

EVIOS One Charge Point

EVIOS One Charge Point

Regular price£675.00
Including VAT.

Cable Length
  • Up to 7kW on single phase // 22 kW on three phase
  • Three different modes to fully control your charging preferences
  • Large colour screen showing speed, miles added and cost information
  • Tethered cable available in 5m or 7.5m lengths
  • Solar compatible
  • Intelligent energy tariff integration
  • PIN code function for added security and multi-user access
  • Compatible with all EVs
  • Use our interactive map to find a local installer

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The simplest charge point to use with the smartest technology behind it. Take full control of your charging with EVIOS One.

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Remotely control your charging, manage your history and download fully customisable reports with the EVIOS app.

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We've designed the EVIOS One to be simple to install, and work with hundreds of electricians around the UK.

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EVIOS is compatible with all EVs


EVIOS One is one of the smartest units on the market, able to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of energy tariffs as well as any home energy production you might have at your property.  However, it’s also designed to do all this with the minimum fuss and hassle to you.  You’ll be able to book an installation slot to suit you, and our amazing dedicated engineers will be on hand to make sure your installation progresses smoothly and answer any questions you might have.  Initial setup of the unit is super-simple, after that it’ll automatically handle your charging needs.  All the information about the energy that’s gone into your EV will be at your fingertips if you want it, and our easy-to-navigate modes mean you’re always in control if your plans change.

We have three modes:

Pure Speed: This will start your charging session immediately when the vehicle is plugged in, and charge at the full speed allowed by the charger and the car.

Pure Value: This will schedule charging to start when your energy tariff provides the cheapest energy, automatically meaning that you reduce your cost of charging without any need to set complicated schedules yourself.  For the most dynamic tariffs, we use an API from Octopus Energy to make the most of Agile and Go pricing.

Pure Green: This will monitor output from any on-site generation (such as solar panels) and use that energy to charge your car.

You can read more details about our modes here.

In short, all of them!  Vehicles with a Type 2 connector (the vast majority of the market) will plug straight in, and vehicles with a Type 1 will be able to plug in with an adaptor.

Yes, EVIOS One has been designed to comply with the Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations 2021.

You can watch our video on the regulations and how we handle them on our Youtube Channel here.