EVIOS One is one of the smartest units on the market, able to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of energy tariffs as well as any home energy production you might have at your property.  However, it’s also designed to do all this with the minimum fuss and hassle to you.  You’ll be able to book an installation slot to suit you, and our amazing dedicated engineers will be on hand to make sure your installation progresses smoothly and answer any questions you might have.  Initial setup of the unit is super-simple, after that it’ll automatically handle your charging needs.  All the information about the energy that’s gOne into your EV will be at your fingertips if you want it, and our easy-to-navigate modes mean you’re always in control if your plans change.

To reserve your EVIOS One, simply fill out the form here. Installations will start from June 2022. We recommend registering early, as we have a limited supply.

We have three modes:

Pure Speed: This will start your charging session immediately when the vehicle is plugged in, and charge at the full speed allowed by the charger and the car.

Pure Value: This will schedule charging to start when your energy tariff provides the cheapest energy, automatically meaning that you reduce your cost of charging without any need to set complicated schedules yourself.  For the most dynamic tariffs, we use an API from Octopus Energy to make the most of Agile and Go pricing.

Pure Green: This will monitor output from any on-site generation (such as solar panels) and use that energy to charge your car.

You can find out more about our modes here.

In short, all of them!  Vehicles with a Type 2 connector (the vast majority of the market) will plug straight in, and vehicles with a Type 1 will be able to plug in with an adaptor.

Yes, EVIOS One has been designed to comply with the Electric Vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations 2021.

You can watch our video on the regulations and how we handle them on our Youtube Channel here.

No, EVIOS One is only available as a tethered unit.  This is compatible with all vehicles with a Type 2 connector, and means you have no need to buy a separate cable.

EVIOS One comes with a smart hub that requires a wired connection to your WiFi router.

EVIOS One offers PIN code access - this allows you to control who has access to your unit, or even set up a separate account if you need to track energy going to different users. PIN code access is easier than a physical key as it can’t get lost and is also easier to share with visitors if you’re not at home.


The App will let you control your charging sessions - from setting the mode you’d like your EVIOS One to operate in, all the way through to overriding any settings to enable charging immediately if your plans change.

The app will show you how much range has been added to our car while it’s been charging, as well as what the energy has cost and how long the charging session has taken.  It will also allow you to download your charging history.


EVIOS have partnered with hundreds of installers across the UK to install the EVIOS One. You can find an approved installer in your area using our map here.

Yes, and we’ll be providing training and support to help you become an EVIOS-accredited installer. Simply fill out the form here.