EVIOS Installation Terms and Conditions

EVIOS Terms and Conditions 

These terms and conditions form the basis of our obligations to you 

Below we explain what’s included in your standard installation package.  We’ll always endeavour to do our best to overcome any issues we find on the day of installation, but if there is anything you think we will need to know in advance please tell us beforehand to help us prepare and give you the best experience possible.

Our installation engineers are trained to follow BS7671 2008/2015 Amendment 3 Standard Regulations and NICEIC guidelines on Electric Vehicle installations, and you agree to have the charge point installed within the Code of Practice for electric vehicle charge point installations.  If we can’t fit your charge point in line with these regulations, we will explain the extra work needed to comply with them and provide you with a quote. On the day of installation, we will need a responsible adult (over 18 years of age) to be on site.

Your EVIOS charge point will need to be fixed to a suitable permanent structure.  If you have any concerns about the location you have in mind for the charge point please speak to our customer services team on 01234 916103.    You will also need to ensure that a suitable 13 amp power socket and LAN port are available for the hub charge point.  If this is not available, your charge point will not be able to provide full functionality.

A ‘Standard Installation’ will include the following:
-  Charge point fixed to an existing permanent structure
- A cable run of up to 15 metres
- Black cabling, clipped to external wall, or in trunking for internal walls
- One wall penetration
- Testing of the installed EVIOS One charge point

Not included in a Standard installation:
- Working at height (over 6ft)
- Any trenching or suspension of the cable
- Running cabling under floorboards or through crawl spaces
- Any other requirements over and above a standard installation as advised by your EVIOS installer
- Disposal of packaging and waste

Installation of a charge point adds an extra electrical load on your premises.  If we find that your supply isn’t able to support this (for example, if the main fuse protecting your property needs to be upgraded by your electricity supplier), we will pause the installation until the work has been done to permit the safe fitment of the charge point.

We will notify the DNO (District Network Operator) of the completion of work after the installation.  Should they identify further work required, you agree to it and understand it is the responsibility of the DNO to undertake the task or a third party at your cost.  If the DNO carries out work which requires subsequent reconfiguration of the EVIOS One, you will need to provide evidence of works before the output of the charge point can be reviewed.  Any return visit to site for such reconfiguration will be chargeable. 

If you think that any other elements not mentioned here might apply to the installation at your premises, please let us know in advance on 01234 916103 so we can work with you to provide a quote for any additional work which may be required. 

Cancellation of installation appointment
You can cancel or rearrange your installation appointment up to three working days in advance with no charge.  Cancellations and failed appointments within three days will be chargeable at £200 inc VAT.

EVIOS charge points come with a comprehensive 36 month on-site warranty starting from the date of installation.  This covers manufacturing defects and, where the charge point has been installed by us, any defects directly relating to the installation.  

Installation by a non-EVIOS trained person, opening of the charge point by a non EVIOS trained person or damage arising from abuse, tampering, modification, or other misuse will invalidate the  warranty. 

Please report any EVIOS product failures to helpdesk@myevios.com, including the date of installation, charge point serial number, and a description of the failure.  We will investigate the problem and, if necessary, arrange an engineer’s visit to rectify the problem. 

Charging summaries and reporting
The EVIOS charge point includes the facility to have summaries of estimated electricity usage and charging costs during and at the end of charging sessions, as well as to download historical data of energy delivered by the chargepoint (time, amount, and cost). These summaries are approximate values and may not accurately present actual costs. 

In order to facilitate this functionality, we will endeavour to include the most common Electric Vehicle tariffs.  However, these may vary by area, and you will need to check that the rates and times displayed match those for where your charger is installed.  EVIOS will not be liable for any losses or discrepancies arising from tariff information. 

Dynamic Grid Monitoring
The energy consumption at your property may be monitored by your EVIOS One.  This enables us to install a chargepoint and respect any overall power limits.  However, it also means that there may be times when the load limiting feature reduces the power delivery to your car and increases charging times.   To increase the capacity at your property, post-installation approval will be required from your DNO. 

Limitation of Liability
EVIOS will not accept liability for any losses, costs, or consequential damage arising from the installation and use and/or misuse of EVIOS equipment, unless caused by our gross negligence. 

EVIOS will not accept liability for any losses, costs, or consequential damage arising from the cancellation (either beforehand or on the day) of an installation appointment.  

Our liability will not be greater than the amount we charge you for your installation, except for liability for personal injury or death caused by our negligence, or other situations where our liability cannot be limited by law.

Ordering and cancellation

For charge points ordered without an EVIOS installation service:
- Orders received by 1pm will normally be dispatched next working day
- Orders received after 1pm will normally be dispatched in two working days

For charge points ordered with an EVIOS installation service
- The charge point will normally arrive at your address 3-5 days prior to the installation date

If you change your mind, you can cancel your order with no charge before the charge point has been dispatched.  If you return the charge point within 14 days of delivery, we will refund you the cost of the charge point as long as it is returned undamaged and no attempt has been made to open the box or install it. You will be responsible for the return postage cost.  No refunds will be available outside of this time period.