Acquisition of Andersen EV

A statement from the new owners of Andersen, EVIOS Plc

We are delighted to announce that EVIOS Plc has acquired the Andersen EV business, and will continue to serve all existing and new customers going forward.

We are currently working around the clock to ensure that any outstanding orders are fulfilled and installations are completed as quickly as possible.  

If you have an open order with Andersen EV, we will be in touch with you by Thursday 27th October.

Find out more in our FAQ below.


Our first priority is to serve all customers that have paid for and are currently waiting for an installation from Andersen. We have comprehensive information on all outstanding orders and will be contacting customers directly, by Thursday 27th October 2022, to confirm if you would still like to proceed with the installation, and arrange a suitable installation date. 

EVIOS Plc has a team of experienced electricians who have installed many charge points, and have received intensive Andersen product training. They all drive fully electric vehicles and are dedicated to providing first-class service. 

Yes. All charge points from outstanding orders have already been fully assembled to your bespoke specification. 

Yes. All Andersen products and services, including the Kønnect+ app, will continue to work as usual. We will also be honouring any existing warranty agreements as per the Andersen warranty terms here

Yes! The Andersen website will very shortly be able to accept new orders. Once we have received your order, we will be in touch with you to arrange a suitable time for installation (if requested). 

Not at all.  We’re using exactly the same components as before and it’s being assembled by the same team of highly skilled technicians.  You’ll have the same choice of options - both technical and aesthetic - which makes Andersen stand out from the crowd.

Our customer service team is available to help with extended hours.

We are available Monday to Friday 08:00-19:00 and Saturday 09:00-14:0 on 01234 916125.

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