How the Public EV Charging Infrastructure is Influencing the Pace of EV Adoption

How the Public EV Charging Infrastructure is Influencing the Pace of EV Adoption

With an increasing number of motorists now driving electric vehicles, and many more waiting in the wings as they watch the ‘EV space’ with interest, the focus on the public charging infrastructure is fast intensifying. Perspective EV owners naturally want the reassurance they have access to public chargers during their journeys, with minimum inconvenience too, which is driving the demand for rapid charging facilities. The expression ‘splash and dash’ now enters a new era of ‘flash and dash’ for the EV driver who wants to quickly top-up battery range during their journeys!

Recent data published by the Government relating to Electric Vehicle Charging Device Statistics on 26 October 2022 using Zap-Map as a source, confirms there are 34,637 public electric vehicle charging devices installed in the UK. Perhaps the most interesting statistic is the pace at which new public chargers continue to be installed. That is said to have risen by 8,710 (34%) since 1st October 2021, with the number of rapid chargers increasing by a further 1472 (30%).

EVIOS, experts in EV charging solutions, is following the progress of the public charging infrastructure with interest. While currently focusing on ‘smart’ innovations for home charge point customers, EVIOS understands that the speed of EV uptake in the UK is hugely reliant on access to public chargers, to make the all-electric car a practical proposition for many motorists. This especially resonates with those who need to make longer journeys in their electric vehicles, who need confidence in the public charging network.

Confidence in electric vehicles and the innovative technology they bring appears to be growing too. The latest SMMT data published in October, saw new car registrations rise 26.4% in a third month of growth, “with hybrid and battery electric vehicles driving uplift”. It is an exciting time of change and innovation for the automotive industry, and an exciting time for consumers too.

While there is a long way to go, the increasing adoption of electric vehicles is encouraging news to the EV industry, and a step in the right direction in tackling climate change by reducing carbon emissions. Increased demand for electric vehicles is simultaneously driving demand for EV chargers, in particular home charge points. It is now a legal requirement to have an EV charger (specifically a smart EV charger that integrates with energy tariffs) installed at all new-build homes where the property has its own off-street parking.

Similarly, many businesses are following suit as they recognise the benefits of offering EV charging to employees, customers and visitors to their premises. After all, the thought of a customer, or visitor, being able to plug in their electric car for charging while attending a meeting, can be quite an appealing option for businesspeople, while also incentivising employees with access to such a ‘perk’.

For installers, and British manufacturers of EV charging technology such as EVIOS, the shift in car consumer mood in moving towards ‘electric’ is very positive indeed. The industry experienced a flurry of activity when the government home grant was first introduced, and although this no longer applies, grants currently remain available to landlords and businesses who meet the eligibility criteria.

The ‘Road to Net Zero’ continues, which will see the ongoing rollout of EV chargers on the national network, driven by the UK government’s commitment to achieving this goal. EVIOS also shares this belief in a greener, more sustainable future, and is equally committed to providing EV charger solutions to accelerate the widespread adoption of electric vehicles in the UK.

Of course, while access to public charging is crucially important, home charging remains the cheapest EV charging solution for the majority of private motorists.  And many smart home chargers, such as those produced by the forward-thinking team of EV charging experts at EVIOS, now feature innovative technology to seamlessly integrate with the ‘running of the home’ to make EV ownership as effortless and as enjoyable as possible.

The EVIOS One Home Charger combines all the convenience of connectivity and intelligent functionality, with all the benefits of being simple and very intuitive to use, in a highly finessed product that has been designed to make running an EV, an easy experience. For example, EVIOS One offers the user the choice of three core charging modes Pure Speed, Pure Green and Pure Value to suit charging preference. It can be integrated with energy tariffs and also can be powered by renewable energy sources, which is ideal for those who have solar panels at home. A user-friendly mobile app makes the whole charging process very straightforward to monitor and control, with some handy reporting features to understand how much charging sessions are costing, and so on.

Attention to detail and uncompromising quality are intrinsic to the EVIOS One Home Charger, developed by an experienced team of EV charging specialists who understand the trends and challenges of the industry, and the needs of the consumer. EVIOS One is a modern-day living home charging solution that blends in with the home on every level, from its aesthetically pleasing contemporary charge point design, through to its integration with Google Home and Amazon Alexa smart speaker devices. The latter, with voice command, makes reviewing and altering charging status a breeze, all from the comfort of the home.  

EVIOS is proving to be the smart way to charge.