FIAT launches the New Doblò and E-Doblò, driven by ingenuity for everyday tasks

FIAT launches the New Doblò and E-Doblò, driven by ingenuity for everyday tasks

Here at EVIOS we don’t only keep our ear to the ground when it comes to new electric vehicle launches. We take great interest in what’s going on in the commercial EV market too, they not only keep businesses mobile but are essential for some trades to be able operate. 

FIAT recently  announced the  removal of all non-electrified vehicles from sale in the UK from 1st July 2022. Last year, a total of 60 percent of vehicles sold by FIAT  in the UK had an electric variant, and the Italian Stellantis subsidiary has decided to take the full leap. 

This month saw the launch of the new FIAT Doblò and E-Doblò, the fifth generation of the model. In the UK, the new Doblò will be available in two lengths with two different configurations (Van and Crew Cab). Close attention was given to the vehicle’s comfort during the design phase to consider the needs of professionals who use their vehicle eight or more hours a day. The goal is to offer a stress-free work experience with sound insulation and suspension designed to reduce bumps and vibrations.

The new E-Doblò is equipped with a 100-kW electric motor and a 50kWh battery that allows more than 173 miles of autonomy. Thanks to the new engine, the new E-Doblò reaches a top speed of 80 mph and up to 260 Nm of maximum torque. Plus, the zero-emissions version offers one-of-a-kind flexibility to the customer and a best-in-class charging capability, thanks to the “Rapid Charge Mode” up to 100 kW, which allows to charge in direct current 80% of the battery in just 30 minutes. 

The introduction of the battery pack did not cause any structural changes: the E-Doblò is available in the same LCV dimensions, features and configurations as those with thermal combustion engines. The E-Doblò offers top-class payload – up to 800 kg on both wheelbases– allowing to load up to 2 euro-pallets; while in the ICE version, Doblò can reach up to one ton of load capacity.

The “Magic Features” of the Doblò provide modularity, sustainability and safety, making it a reliable, versatile and flexible work companion.

Magic Cargo allows for a 0.5 m3 increase in cargo volume and the possibility of loading long objects like pipes or ladders reaching up to 3.4 m of load length. To add more space, it is possible to raise the seat on the passenger side and use the compartment underneath for boxes or fragile objects. There is also a rotating tray table to turn the Doblò cabin into a mobile office.

Magic Mirror is a 5” digital rearview mirror providing three different views: a rearview mirror, a complete view of the blind spot area and rear parking camera improving visibility and safety.

Magic Plug, available only on the E-Doblò, makes it possible to use the electric energy produced by the battery for specific conversion needs like a cargo fridge or a workbench for power tools.

EVIOS hotly anticipate the launch of more EV vehicles in the commercial space as we plan to launch the EVIOS 2 later in the year which will be primed for business use.

Watch this space....